Choosing a Telemarketing Agency

What does a Telemarketing Agency do?

Telemarketing Agency’s employ a team of experienced Telemarketing Account Managers who can hit the ground running, accelerating your new business growth. Our Telemarketing Account Managers are supported by a professional management team that collectively will develop winning sales strategies targeted at a precise audience resulting in quick wins and an outstanding return on your investment.

What type of companies uses Telemarketing Agencies?

Telemarketing Agencies are popular with small, medium and large businesses; their customers share one common objective to solve a problem. The services we provide t could mean, at a basic level, cleansing a database.

How do I choose the best Telemarketing Agency?

There are around 200+ Telemarketing Agencies in the UK. They vary in size from smaller, more boutique agencies to large call centres employing thousands of agents. It is essential to select an agency with the right type of experience and resource for your campaign. For example, if you require one telemarketing account manager, you may find a smaller boutique agency that will be better equipped. However, if you need to place 10+ FTE agents, you will be better placed to work with a larger agency.

How do Telemarketing Agency’s measure the results they generate?

A good Telemarketing Agency will set targets, also known as ‘key performance indicators. They will measure metrics that include; the number of dials, the number of decision-makers connects, and the number of conversions.

What sort of results can I expect from a Telemarketing Agency?

Every campaign is different, and there will be many variables that will impact the results, including; current contract status, opportunity value, the strength of the brand, and proposition. Overall in the world of Telemarketing, we work on average conversion ratios of 10%


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